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Savings Membership

Dental Insurance is extremely high. You may get “free” preventative work like cleanings and exams, but when it comes time to have basic and major work like fillings and crowns, insurance typically downgrades the coverage or may be subject to waiting periods or a missing tooth clause. On top of that, insurance often requires us to send them a pre-authorization before you can get the work done, which only prolongs the dental situation you are in and sometimes the additional time may worsen your prognosis. In the office, we call insurance companies before patients arrive to get an estimate of what they MAY cover, but unfortunately those estimates are practically never 100% right on. Because of insurance benefits and stipulations, patients often feel limited to only receive treatment that is covered by their insurance plan, rather than actually receiving treatment based on their needs and wants.

For these reasons and many more, we have created the DOCHE FAMILY DENTAL SAVINGS MEMBERSHIP. We genuinely want out patients to receive the absolute best dental care, at at the lowest possible price! As an annual member, you automatically receive two prophylactic cleanings, two periodic exams, one emergency exam, two fluoride applications, and any necessary x-rays. Additionally, you will receive 20% off any treatment (besides the automatic cleaning and exam appointments). The purpose of these savings memberships is to provide for our patients the most quality treatment in the simplest possible way. There are NO maximums, NO deductibles, No waiting periods, NO missing tooth clause, NO downgrading, NO pre-authorization, and especially NO ESTIMATES.

Plan Prices

Savings Membership

  • $650/two adults OR one adult and one child
  • $300 for each additional family member to existing membership


  • Two (2) Dr. Exams
  • One (1) Emergency Exam
  •  Two (2) Dental Cleanings
  • Two (2) Fluoride Treatments
  • 20% Off Any Dental Treatment

Perio Plan

  • Two (2) Dr. Exams
  • One (1) Emergency Exam
  • Four (4) Perio Cleanings
  • Two (2) Fluoride Treatments
  • 20% Off Any Dental Treatment

Exclusions & Limitations

  • Membership begins on the date of investment and ends the following day of the following year. For example, if you purchase on 06/01/2020, you are effective 06/01/2020 and will be eligible for all membership benefits until closing hours of 06/01/2021.
  • Membership investment MUST be paid in full on effective date. This does not include treatment amounts, only the initial cost (for example, $350 for individual would be due in full on effective date).
  • Members have a 15 day return policy from the date of investment. If you decide for any reason to end your membership, a full refund may be rewarded if no services were rendered. If services were rendered, no refund is available.
  • Members have a reinstatement fee of 50% their initial investment price if they have left the membership within the year and wish to return.
  • Membership may not be applied retroactively to previous dates of service.
  • Members may also take advantage of our payment plan to pay Half on Prep and Half of Seat (for major procedure that requires multiple appointments).
  • 3rd party Payers (like Care Credit) may NOT be used in conjunction with purchasing this plan for individual or family members.
  • Members may NOT be currently enrolled in any dental insurance or dental discount plans.
  • Membership may NOT be transferred to any family member or friend for any reason.
  • Membership discount may Not be applied to products including, but not limited to: whitening trays or gel (tres white), toothpaste, prescription rinse, enamelon gel.
  • Service for injuries covered under workman’s compensation may NOT be permitted.
  • Treatment (in the opinion of Dr. Doche) that is out of the capability of DOCHE FAMILY DENTAL and is referred to a specialist’s office will NOT be covered under this membership.
  • Hospitalization or hospital charges may NOT be covered under membership.
  • Dental care costs covered under auto medical insurance may NOT be covered.

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