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Family and General Dentistry

All ages welcome at Doche Family Dental in San Marcos.

We begin seeing children for their first dental checkup at age two! For our teens, adults and seniors we are honored to care for you through every one of life’s milestones. Are you a new patient? Come in and get to know us!

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Periodontal Care

Gums need care and attention, too! One of the best treatment methods for gum disease is a thorough dental cleaning, performed regularly to reduce and prevent symptoms. For more complex cases, your dentist may use a process known as scaling and root planing, cleaning the root portion of the tooth and removing all debris, and medicating the area if necessary. This is done every 3-4 months until the symptoms of your gum disease are no longer present.

Endodontic Treatment in San Marcos

An endodontic dentist focuses on assessing and treating the infected pulp of a tooth, which is located at the soft innermost portion of the tooth. For patients with moderate to severe toothaches, a root canal may be the solution. This modern treatment process effectively saves the original portion of the tooth to prevent a tooth extraction. After removing an infected tooth pulp, your dentist will place a filling or crown over the tooth to keep it safe and healthy.

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Dental Implant Restorations

We work directly with an oral surgeon who can place the dental implant before completion with a restoration. Next, we will design and mill your custom dental crown for its optimal strength, fit and feel. For patients who have had dental implants for many years and may need a worn or damaged crown replaced, our office can rejuvenate your smile with an aesthetic dental crown.

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Dentures are a very effective way of replacing lost teeth for a more functional and natural looking smile. If you have some of your teeth missing, a partial denture can be a great way to restore function to your mouth. However, when you have a full arch, or two full arches, of missing teeth, a full set of dentures if often the best solution. An implant supported denture will give you the restoration of dentures, with the stability of implants. Find out how it all works by coming in and having a consultation today!

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