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Preventative Dentistry


What To Expect

Service - Preventative Dentistry - preventative dentistry

We know it’s important to our patients to understand what to expect of their dental appointment, even before they’re in the office. At Doche Family Dental, we focus on informing our patients about their health and their options, so that they can lead the driver’s seat of their dental care.

Service - Preventative Dentistry - preventative dentistry
Service - Preventative Dentistry - preventative dentistry

Your First Dental Checkup

We will want to talk with you about how your mouth feels and if you have any type of an issue you’d like us to look at. We will also want to do an examination of your whole mouth, so that we can detect any potential problems as soon as possible. After all, the more we can do to notice a problem now, the less complex or costly dental work will be necessary in the future. This is the value of preventative dentistry.

Oral Cancer Screenings

During a traditional cleaning and exam, part of what the dentist does is check for early signs of oral cancer. Since your dentist has a lot more experience and training in spotting oral cancer than you do, it is best for them to ask questions and take a look around. However, if you notice signs of things that are off within your mouth, talk to us when you come in. Tell us if you feel a lump, swelling, sore spots, or rough patches of skin, as these can all be early signs that your mouth is struggling with oral cancer.

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Gentle Teeth Cleaning In San Marcos

During your teeth cleaning, our dental hygienists will be working to do a number of different things. First, they will be carefully removing tough plaque and tartar from your teeth. This helps to prevent tooth decay where the tartar has built up, and helps to stop or slow down the progression of early stages of gum disease, or gingivitis.

Your teeth cleaning will also involve scrubbing away typical evidence of teeth staining, such as coffee stains or yellowing. By removing bacteria from the mouth that would otherwise cause bad breath, you may instantly feel that you have a fresher, healthier smile.

Finally, the dentist will look over your entire mouth for any signs of concern, such as symptoms of poor dental health or oral cancer. Should your dentist discover any issues, you are in good hands with many gentle resources to elevate your standard of care.

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Metal-Free Fillings

Service - Preventative Dentistry - preventative dentistry

Here at Doche Family Dental, we only use composite materials to do fillings. We believe that it is in our patients’ best interest to do metal-free fillings. These materials are white, and easily matched to the color of your natural teeth. Plus, they are durable and known to last for many years. Metal fillings used to be very easy to spot, but thanks to advancements in filling options, we can now offer filling materials that are nearly impossible to distinguish from your natural tooth.

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Whether you're looking for a cleaning or a dental implant consultation, contact us today and schedule you're appointment. Our family is ready to take you in as one of our own.

Service - Preventative Dentistry - preventative dentistry

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