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The Choice is Clear With Your San Marcos Dentist

Very few people like having a mouthful of metal braces, even if the outcome is a straight and confident smile. At Doche Family Dentistry, your San Marcos dentist, we use ClearCorrect clear aligners. They allow our patients to achieve straight teeth without the daily reminder of metal brackets and wires.

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Is ClearCorrect Right For Me?

Service - Clear Correct - san marcos dentist

Most people aren’t born with a set of perfectly straightened teeth. Still, we all like to pretend so when we’re out with friends, taking photos, or getting ready for a job interview. Straightened teeth work better together and support a natural sense of confidence. 

Your San Marcos dentist can determine if you’re a good candidate for ClearCorrect. Generally, clear aligners are effective for mild to moderate orthodontic issues. ClearCorrect might be right for you if you have one of the following dental conditions:

  • Crowded mouth
  • Overbite or underbite
  • Crooked or turned teeth
  • Unevenly spaced teeth
Service - Clear Correct - san marcos dentist
Service - Clear Correct - san marcos dentist

Considering Orthodontic Treatment?

ClearCorrect aligners can help with many aesthetic issues, including gaps between teeth, overcrowded teeth, under or overbites, and even crossbites. They can also help if your teeth leave an open gap between them when you bite down.

The best part is there are no food restrictions with ClearCorrect aligners. Although, they should be removed when eating to avoid damaging them.

What Is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a series of clear removable aligners that are used to gradually change the positioning of the teeth for a more aligned and uniform appearance. By applying a slight bit of pressure on the teeth over time, the teeth move into place and become ready for their next set of aligner trays.

Patients should wear ClearCorrect aligners for at least 22 hours per day, only being removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. On average, patients will change their trays for new ones every 2-3 weeks. The length of ClearCorrect treatment varies depending on individual needs, but it typically takes between 6 and 18 months. Click here to learn more about ClearCorrect.

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The ClearCorrect Difference

When patients choose orthodontic care, they often believe traditional braces and Invisalign are their only treatment options. However, ClearCorrect can be an affordable alternative that boasts many similar benefits to Invisalign:

  • They are virtually invisible in appearance
  • They can be easily removed and cleaned
  • They are non-invasive, and custom fit
  • They have a similar treatment style

For both Invisalign and ClearCorrect with your San Marcos dentist, the treatment plan timeframe depends on a patient’s current oral health condition, the position of teeth, and the amount of work required to align the teeth properly. 

At your consultation, your dentist may provide a prediction about your unique length of treatment. But please remember that treatment success depends on wearing your aligners for the required time each day. Side effects of ClearCorrect treatment can include temporary discomforts, such as soreness or pressure on the teeth or gums.

Suppose you’re looking to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. In that case, ClearCorrect orthodontic treatment could be the solution you’ve been searching. Invisible aligners are custom-made for your teeth with a treatment plan tailored to your needs. 

ClearCorrect can provide a practical and discreet orthodontic experience. Don’t let concerns about metal braces keep you from achieving the smile you deserve. Take action today and schedule a consultation at Doche Family Dental, your San Marcos dentist, to see if ClearCorrect is the right choice for you.

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Service - Clear Correct - san marcos dentist

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